Creating ways for your child to “learn their way!”


“After years of being pushed aside by [public] schools and completely forgotten, my - son can shine. He loves coming here , because he matters . His confidence, as well as academic scores, have risen at an impressive pace. Getting out of bed seemed to be a struggle with so much chaos in his old school but now he knows the support is real & the confidence building starts the first day. No more praying the IEP is followed, his whole day is an IEP...”

-Randi, parent

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We had options for the first time, and for that I am grateful! We found ways to use the funds creatively-and Success4School helped us think outside the box. Some ideas were not even with them- THANK YOU!

-ML, parent

Success4School has a private learning community. Our academy meets the needs of gifted and learning differently students disenfranchised by the traditional education system in need of a day filled with the joy of learning, choice driven by strengths and passion along with solid foundations and the rigor of problem-based learning. Students who fit the smart but scattered, witty & worried, or creative over-comer profiles thrive! Our community creates a choice-filled, student-centered, approach which deepens self agency & ownership of learning in an environment where accommodations are a part of the culture of the community. Students K-12 can apply, and grant funds can be used to cover the costs.

Success4School’s family services include tutoring, enrichment, academic coaching, executive functioning coaching, behavioral and organizational services-all with the individual student in mind! Found a school but want to supplement support— we are here. We can help navigate coordination with your student’s new school as well as provide parent coaching to aide change as everyone transitions to the new school structures. We can also provide coaching and one on one support in any subject matter to ensure your student has the opportunity to keep up, get ahead, or catch up! Grant funds can be used to cover the cost of the one on one services.

Success4School is an approved provider for K-12 NCSEAA grant & scholarship programs.


How can we help?

NEED HELP NAVIGATING THE GRANT PROCESS? Our educational consultants can help your family think outside the box to providing the educational opportunities that best fit your child. Schedule a time to learn more about us- we can help you lay out a path of resources and opportunities available in the community to get you on your way. We can provide expertise in understanding what scholarships may fit you best or how to understand the guidelines. Get Started by setting up a time to chat- We can help!

ALREADY HAVE THE GRANT? Depending on the grant award amount and when eligibility is made, families can seek services from approved providers and grant summary statement receipts can be issued by providers for reimbursement. Reimbursement from NCSEAA based on services received from approved providers is granted at the time the student is found eligible for the semester period to which services pertain. Summary receipts are submitted typically in July for Jan through June reimbursement and again in January for July through December reimbursement. We are approved providers for the Disabilities Grant program . This program can award up to $8,000 per year for eligible students that apply.

Get Started by scheduling an initial consultation or set up a time to chat- we are eager to discuss how we can help?


K-12 Programs

NCSEAA is the governing body which manages the K-12 scholarship funds for education. North Carolina offers three programs that expand school choice for eligible students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The Opportunity Scholarship, Disabilities Grant, and Education Savings Account can cover tuition and required fees at a participating nonpublic school. In addition, the Disabilities Grant and Education Savings Account can cover certain other expenses related to educating a child with a disability. The award amounts, eligibility requirements, and application timelines differ. For more information, see the side- by-side summary that appears on the NCSEAA home page for K-12 Scholarship grants. Learn More about the NCSEAA (North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority and available programs.

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Schedule an initial consultation or set up a time to chat- we are eager to discuss how we can help?