CheetahCountrySurprise When there's a struggle-we celebrate!

When there's a struggle-we celebrate!

Celebrate! Yes... when a cheetah in the community is struggling we have really found something. Like the typical food you can get at a carnival or the state fair- it's like somethin' on a stick. There is no right way to go at it- corn dog, cotton candy, fried snickers, popsicle, even the turkey leg- ever watch people try to eat these foods- no one person eats the same item the same way! 
The same goes for learning. 

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CheetahCountrySurprise We believe children don't need adults to learn ...

We believe youth do not need adults to learn ... -they need adults to create opportunities for learning. 

       Tummy Time. If you know the term, you know that at some time when your child was a small infant, you were told as parents it is important.  The purpose is to develop the muscles in the neck and throughout the trunk to hold your head up and to build core strength. Many of us complied and provided this muscle building time for our children. Some of us did not know about it. Some of us were never told and did it anyway. Apparently looking up and seeing the world, holding your head up high- that was a big deal.

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CheetahCountrySurprise We don’t care much about the ‘WHY’.

We don’t care much about the ‘WHY’. It is hard for me when Gianna comes home and notifies me that she is behind in Math minutes. I use the word ‘hard’ because I have to hold back the immediate question, I know all parents use- WHY? So of course, because I always remember my own advice (note sarcasm), my own deep rooted beliefs about children, ones that I have grown a coaching practice around- I do not ask WHY - except of course when I do

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CheetahCountrySurprise We do not reward “hard work” or “rule following”

We do not reward “hard work” or “rule following” Nothing makes a kid turn on you like fake praise. It is the blood in the water that draws out the sharks and nothing makes them come for you faster than words of encouragement for mediocrity or for things that are expected for daily existence. “Great job, you put your coat in your cube” are words never to be heard here. You would think there would be more cube filling of items if there was praise of cube filling of items- but friend that does not happen!

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CheetahCountrySurprise There will be mass confusion! … for parents.

There will be mass confusion! … for parents. Yes! Every day I try to inspire our partners to remember two things of importance. · First, all kids are capable, creative, and whole-just the way they are! · Second, “don’t steal their practice!” I believe that in life, each day is a gift. It is the chance to improve and discover and find something amazing.

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CheetahCountrySurprise Our Learning Partners are NOT in charge of learning.

The real heart of the matter is that at BA Academy the learner is in charge. We make it our daily purpose to shift the power and control of learning to the learner herself! The lab and studio are student-governed. This is both an awe-inspiring and disruptive element that makes our learning community unique. Our learning partners are partners in learning, not in charge of it

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