Our Vision


We are Innovators.


Success4School’s mission is to EMPOWER FAMILIES-in all ways, always!

From our family services to our private academy, we value ‘learning their way’.

We are innovative in our approach to break the rules- as we set out to ensure each learner feels valued and finds deep growth- academically and as a whole person. Success4School has a unique & critical mission to provide strengths-driven, integrated learning which promotes differentiation. We value continuous growth and personal discovery but never uniformity.

We specialize in the smart & scattered, the witty & worried, and the determined over-comer…

We are educators taking a stand -firm in our belief there is more to education!

I founded this firm, surrounding myself with passionate people with specialized training, to work with the unique neuro-biology of the individual who struggles with weak executive skills. What we found is that all minds are unique and any kind responds to hands-on learning grounded in building learners who think critically and that are self reliant, owners of the learning process.

As an educational diagnostician with a background in regular & special education, a passion in neuroscience, plus specialized AD/HD coach training, I am one of those fast-brained people that can't get my hands on enough research. I love what I do and do what I love. I’m far from the square, the rectangle, the circle, or the triangle- I AM the SQUIGGLY in the world of working with kids of all ages.

I am one of those people that specifically thinks differently than most- and I like to think that that’s okay since I work with lots of kids that are different- cause I think all kids are different… I am not the person who buys a piece of swedish furniture and opens the instructions- I’m the one who says ‘let’s see how this goes together’ tool-belt diva type-who goes at it- without the manual.

People say I have this way with kids, one parent nick-named me ‘the kid whisperer’. Anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t whisper, but I think my way, is just the way I am- I think kids want something our society does not often provide: a genuine, authentic, real person who asks,what do YOU want ?”.

Our vision is simple- empower families, every day, their way!

If you’re looking for me, I'll be with the smart, scattered, sassy kid in the corner——you know- every kid!


I'm all about the brain-

& how it works...

Wildly creative, highly talented, amazingly unique ...

YES, those are the STUDENTS & FAMILIES

WE are blessed to work with each day!


Jill D. Cassone
Founder, Success4School