what if high school 'fit' you?

and not the other way around


Our learning community is all about YOUR end game. DARE to be YOU.


Do you want to …

-do mission work?

-get your PhD?

-enter trade school?

-join the military?


-invent something?

-go to college?

-take a gap year?

-inspire others?

-start your own business?



our high school learning community is a micro-school

It’s flexible, adaptable- whatever your goal- a high school experience YOUR way

All learning is self-directed. Instead of direct instruction of EVERYTHING, our learning partners manage a variety of opportunities which fit YOU


What’s your end game?

Literally! Our curriculum can be accessed from anywhere- structured in quests, students earn XP towards over-arching learning standards meeting the rigorous course credits necessary for college, now or later- or ready yourself for dual enrollment and graduate with a two year degree. The learning paths are set up in innovative ways to make choices-all personalized to YOU the learner. Work is approved demonstrating mastery or returned for reflection and resubmittal. Self-paced and with Advisory staff to help you one on one, in small groups, or inside our learning platform!



Identify what motivates you and carve out the time to develop those passions. Develop a warm heart and find the confidence to lead others. Contribute to your community in a significant way.



Ready yourself for the real world through a seminar program that helps you find who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Prep for big stakes like balancing life & college or a job or wherever life takes you. Sims like building a company, understanding your communication style or taking career inventories to figure out where your strengths lie are all a part of your journey. Find an Internship to test out your interests.


Through the Career & College Promise Program complete credits concurrently and carve your college path out early-some students have completed a year or more of college credits before graduating. Decide your graduation date and plan out what you need to get there-move at your pace- your way!

When it is time to leave, we know you will have created a legacy for younger students, inspiring them because you…

  • crushed your goals

  • designed amazing things you never imagined

  • pitched ideas and learned to communicate

  • tackled the real world

  • possibly earned college credits already

  • have a warm heart & a tough mind but are not afraid to make a difference in the world!