Join us!


You don’t need special powers to work here

- we have our own super heroes !

Every student at our center is brave, stands tall

and faces their greatest fear- ‘failure' .

Armed with your compassion & warm heart, each student grows confidence.

why is that important?

Confidence breeds success!



If you are dedicated to helping people and a lifelong learner, consider us.  We develop and hire the best educational specialists. We take dedicated, talented, individuals with a passion for teaching and grow them into strategists. We believe that all our students are unique, and like a puzzle- we can employ several strategies to build them! ... that's how we do what we do.  Patience and Good Strategy! We are always on the lookout for warm, caring, people who understand the demands of families with struggling students. 


Open Position —Learning Partner


We are always looking for real, authentic people who love working with children.

Is that you? Are you organized, energetic, compassionate, and truly flexible?

Learning partners work together guiding students through discovery-based learning. The hours are Monday through Friday 8:15 am to 2:15 pm-but can be combined with other opportunities in our company to create a fuller schedule.


We are looking for educators who enjoy gifted, talented, and creative students.

If you believe that there is something more to education- make the leap with us! Students ages 5 and up will benefit from your flexible, open minded personality, your willingness to listen, and your ability to model. Those with constructivist philosophy or those of Montessori or Reggio-Emilia pedagogical backgrounds a plus! You will find joy if you embrace a fluid learning environment which changes with and for learners.

We can't wait to meet you! ‘APPLY’ below.


Open Position — Specialist/Coach


We are always looking for highly qualified individuals to provide academic support and coaching. The position is contract-based & compensation ranges from $14-$36/hour, depending on experience & required credentials; which differ per level of service. If you are looking for part time work which is rewarding and has flexible hours, read on.

Experience working with children; (like camp counselor, youth group, etc) or working with youth in some form, and a lover of learning. College Education majors, Psych majors or Home School parents wanting to help students succeed- contact us, we have found you to be a good fit. We especially love early child teachers...they are especially flexible and love kids off all ages.

This would be a fantastic job for a retired teacher or for those who have a love of learning and students.

We can't wait to meet you! ‘APPLY’ below.

Position — Center Coordinator


Our center coordinator works in the heart of our center. If you have front office, customer-facing experience, consider yourself detail-oriented, enjoy a highly energetic office-we’d love to meet you.

Excellent Customer Service and phone skills for follow-up, experience with using CRM’s along with good command of WORD, EXCEL, and PowerPoint is a must. Strong understanding of Google Calendar system, a highly flexible personality, good data entry/keyboarding skills and a warm smile for greeting our clients is required. A willingness to be a part of our family-demonstrating a warm heart, team spirit and an understanding that we are all for one and one for all is desired. The position is part time [12 hrs/wk] and hours are ~4:00pm - 7:00pm Mon-Thurs. Compensation range: $15/hour

We can't wait to meet you! ‘APPLY’ below.


Position — Administrative Assistant

This position has no available openings at this time



We can't wait to meet you! ‘APPLY’ below.

Things to know.

  • All staff are thoroughly background checked.

  • After your phone interview, we move to an in-person interview.

  • All Instructional Specialist & Coach positions are contract-based [1099]. Other positions are part time or full time employment [W-2].

    • [1099, Instructional Specialist & Coach positions]: If we find you are a fit, you will be offered a probationary contract to work with us.  Then we schedule you for an Orientation. The Orientation involves some hands on information regarding our methodology, procedures, and materials.  Once Orientation is completed, you will begin a 30 day initial period where you work to have your initial probationary contract be made permanent. We see this as a period to see if the center is a fit for you. All new instructional specialists & coaches complete this program which includes observing a session for support. We hire fast if the personality works and you are a good fit. However, please view this probationary period as a way to ensure the relationship fits both parties. If we have to part ways, we understand and hope you will too. Our goal is to have happy, dedicated people who are committed to children here! You are required to cover the cost of your own background check from our third party vendor and attend an Orientation on your own time. We will arrange and process the background check for you and the cost of the background check will be charged against your first paycheck. The cost is $29.95. Compensation begins with your first client. We typically contract clients with you for all available hours you have indicated YOU are AVAILABLE to work weekly. Most people can get a full schedule within about 2-4 weeks. 

    • : [W-2, Learning Partners, Administrative staff, etc]: If we find you are a fit, you will be given an offer letter. Then we schedule you for training & shadow days. These are compensated as long as you fulfill at least sixty days of employment. This is an at-will relationship. Background checks are paid for by the company.