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What do you help with when you say "consulting"?

Educational Consulting helps with homeschooling help, help with curriculum choices, school referrals, issues at your child's school, help with navigating the special ed system, getting your child help they need in the classroom, figuring out how to start the special ed process, psycho-educational testing referrals, referrals for specialty services like speech and OT, as well as good, sound, practical advice or advocacy on almost any school related issue, or those which affect school.  We can have consulting meetings at our office, via phone , or on site help at your child's school. 

Where does parent coaching take place? 

Parent Coaching can take place on the phone or in person. Parent Coaching's purpose is to help YOU the parent be a better parent:
more loving, caring, understanding, effective, etc. The purpose is to specifically focus on YOU and how you can be a better resource to your child or deal with an issue your child is having: behavioral or social for instance.  Parent Coaching is working on yourself as a parent, so the relationship between you and your child improves. 

While ALL of our services are available face to face in our center offices, many are available via phone or live video chat using technology apps like, Facetime, Skype and Google Talk.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching helps parents feel empowered and confident. You will have a child who listens more and tantrums less; you will be a parent who smiles more and nags less. You will experience more peace and less chaos in your household. Parent Coaching is a partnership to learn strategies for parenting around even the most difficult parenting challenges!  Coaching creates a team approach to empowering positive parenting changes. Learn More

Advocacy & Consulting

Educational Consulting & Advocacy services help parents navigate the special education system, understand their child's rights, identify available resources & modifications, make school referrals and placements, provide 504 or IEP representation or build effective IEP plans, or help parents understand and obtain services for their child under special education or section 504 & obtain an IEP or 504 plan. Learn More

 Success4School offers the support,  strategies, and education parents need to make

informed decisions, helping YOU meet the challenging needs of raising a child.

Come in, sit down and chat with us.

Do you have a child that...

  • Has a learning difficulty?

  • Has behaviorial issues?

  • Has organizational problems?

  • Has Social issues?

  • Struggles with bedtime, morning routine?

  • Pushes buttons, tantrums, has difficulty with respect?

  • Continues behavior regardless of punishment

​If so, Learn more about Parent Coaching here. 

As a parent, are you struggling with...

  • The decision to voluntarily retain your child?

  • An IEP and you need help understanding your rights?

  • Interventions being provided to your child at school?

  • Medication treatments for your ADD/ADHD child?

  • Motivation issues, Crying or meltdowns at homework time?

  • An IEP or 504 plan you feel is not being followed?

  • College Applications?

  • NCAA Eligibility along with learning issues or ADHD?

  • Understanding your rights in the NC special education system?

  • Identifying your choices to help your child achieve in school?

  • Private School placement for your child (boarding or day)?

  • Choosing your child's Course or Elective classes?


If so, Learn more about Advocacy & Consulting here.

Consulting ~ Academic Support ~ Coaching

There really are places in the heart you don't even know exist...

until you love a child.

Today, sometimes a parent needs a professional to navigate the world of a child-

from academic struggles to social issues, to behavior problems to school challenges- 



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