Private and Parochial schools oftentimes require students to successfully pass an entrance exam in order to gain admission.

At Success4School we see these exams as windows of opportunity for your child to show what they know and for you to see if the school is the right fit. However, we don't want to leave these exams to chance. Students need to be prepared for the types of questions and the specific process of administration to be prepared.

We can help you do your best on these exams. We help prepare for most entrance exams, including the following national exams:

ISEE or Independent School Entrance Exam for grades 4-12.
The ISEE has three levels, Lower, Middle, and Upper. The Lower Level is for students in grades 4 and 5. The Middle Level is for students in grades 6 and 7. The Upper Level is for students in grades 8-11. Test prep for this exam involves specific test stem work and anchoring strengths in areas your student excels.

SSAT or Secondary School Admission Test for grades 5-11.
The SSAT has two levels, Lower and Upper. The Lower Level is for students in grades 5-7 and the Upper Level is for students in grades 8-11.

HSPT/ High School Placement Test for eighth graders for placement in ninth grade  or Cooperative Admissions Examination Program for admission into a Catholic high school.

We also prep for the ITBS, the ERB, as well as the SAT 9/10.

A diagnostic evaluation and a personalized program tailored to the student's needs and goals is the best one to one approach to ensuring your student is
prepared... to shine!

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