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Boundless Achievement Academy is a multi-age, coeducational learning community program which operates under a cooperative approach between staff and parents for Grades 3 thru 12.

This program has one goal: to be a partner in developing college-bound students who have the skills, habits, and attitudes necessary to make their mark in the world.

Students can be dual-enrolled through Wake Tech and complete work towards a college degree as well. 

Our Program​

Boundless Achievement Academy has a unique & critical mission to provide a

family- centered, strengths-driven, integrated learning environment, that promotes differentiation for students. 

We value continuous growth and personal discovery, but not uniformity.  

We know facilitating students in learning their own way, is an exciting, challenging, and incredibly rewarding imperative . . . 

Boundless Achievement Academy...

 A Learning Community by Success4School 

We want to help develop in students, the ability to think critically, demonstrate self-reliance, and shine creatively: seeking excellence and continuous self-improvement in all they do.

To that end, this program focuses on facilitating the development of the following skills: 

  • Developing a love of learning. Our goal is for each student to be an independent learner.  Meaning, students who do not rely on the partners for learning, but instead work in partnership with them to facilitate his/her learning.  We aid families in providing structured expectations so students can demonstrate the learning of required ideas and concepts. All students are encouraged to grow in self-reliance and self-advocacy along this continuum.

  • Becoming critical thinkers. All students are guided to develop strong critical thinking skills. Students use tools like flipped learning, along with project-based learning, allowing partners and families the time to observe, guide and develop student's thinking, and skills.

  • Growing creative people. All students are encouraged to develop a depth of knowledge in areas for which they have a passion, creatively sharing those passions. As families are supported, we aim to facilitate the development of well-rounded thinkers, with the ability to shine in their unique-ness; telling their story through their talents, gifts and passions.

  • Fostering self-reflection and self discovery. Families and students are exposed to the art of self-discovery and reflection. Tools such as portfolios and performance assessments help grow these skills. We encourage the alignment of  learning standards with those standards of personal growth.  

  • The building of success skills. The development of executive functioning skills is both essential and critical. We support families and partners in the explicit teaching of planning, prioritizing, working memory, organization, and study skills.