"We arevery pleased! Our 3 1/2 year-old son loves his teacher at Success4School. We have flexibility in working on just what he needs, and with kindergarten in a few months, he's now already reading! Amazing.. We would definitely recommend Success4School."

- Susan W., Parent

Not just early learning.... but extraordinary years of development!

This is the ideal time to begin building a love for learning. Our programs for little learners ages 3 through 5, are available to children who have not started elementary school, but are ready to boost their social and academic skills. .

Little Learners: Get ready for the demands of Big School

Our one to one program helps little learners transition from exploratory pre-school programs to big school by building essential big school skills like sustained attention, proper pencil grasp, understanding and responding to direction words- plus the readiness academically in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Your child may be ready for Little Learners

  • Is 3- 5 years of age

  • Sits down to listen to a story for at least 4 minutes 

  • Shows interest in letters of the alphabet and books or can sing abc song

  • Relates pictures in books to stories

  • Pretends to read by retelling a story

  • Can identify with instruction words: sit, point, color, etc. and takes guidance

Success4School's blended approach builds a solid Reading foundation and love of Math

  • Personalized plan: After evaluating your child's reading and math readiness, we'll design a personalized plan that encourages a love of learning and meets his individual reading and number sense needs.

  • Motivational instruction and practice: Your child's trained and certified Success4School specialist will make the written word come alive with real picture books and leveled readers. Math skills are built with counting fun, engaging objects, using the computer, focused building of quantity and amount, as well as interactive activities. We teach manuscript printing using proper letter formation to develop pre-writing skills. Success skills like attending, listening, using direction words, and recognizing direction words like cut, paste, circle, etc. are also a part of the program. We use a proven multi–sensory approach, allowing your child to see, hear, touch and move as he builds his reading, writing,  and math foundations.​ Skills are reinforced with our web-based software, in small chunks of time, with buil- in rewards and motivators to keep little ones focused and building sustained attention.

  • Proven programs: We focus on the building blocks of reading including phonics, phonemic awareness, oral comprehension and vocabulary—grade-level skills consistent with guidelines established by the National Institute for Literacy and the International Reading Association. Our Mathematics strategies follow the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics and State Essential Standards. Our writing strategies and activities follow a modified Zaner Bloser's printing method for building pre-writing skills necessary for kindergarten.

To get started, call us today to schedule your child's initial consultation. This appointment is critical to evaluating your child's strengths and weaknesses, helping you with school referrals, parenting challenges and more. Everything is included, and there is no obligation to move forward with services. The consultation is provided in two appointments,click here to learn more. get started today helping your little one find early school success!.


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"Confidence - that's what we see the most!"

Our 5 year old was not ready for kindergarten, so we kept him in preschool. We chose to help him along with some skills, and now his confidence is through the roof! He will be so ready in the fall... best decision we ever made! 

We would never have considered this option, had it not been for Success4School.
-​ Proud Parent, Serena J.


little learner program will encourage a love of learning and grow skills that will help in the transition to Big School!

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