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Check out my educational blog 4FOCUS: Families of Children Using Strategies, which chats about different at home and in-school strategies for those with that smart but scattered kid.  

A Message from the Founder... Meet Jill

I believe all brain-based skills (executive skills) can be developed and learned- taught and improved, even attention controls. While its true most folks with attention issues probably have brains who are struggling with dopamine use/maintenance, and while one can't fix brain chemistry, I teach creative, amazing people everyday how to work with their brains as they are- brainstyle strategies without medication or with it- ... learning strategies to use their mind and how it uniquely works.  

I'm inspired by the uniqueness of each brain and the amazingly special way it was made for each person!

 I specialize in working with those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or those with weak executive functioning: parents: seeking info & strategies on how to better understand, discipline, teach, and support their child;  students: struggling with the increasing challenges of organization, workload, stress tolerance, projects, passions, and social lives; young adults who are working toward independence in the college arena, & working adults who finally want to understand their own ADHD/ADD so they can work to their full potential in their careers, and live the life they want! I like working with all ages, but what's my absolute love to work with? Bring on the misguided, sassy, spunky, scattered or unmotivated teen- my favorite kid type! I love the little ones too, my own is still in grade school!

In a nut shell, I help people see in themselves- what others who truly know them have always seen - and then that individual can achieve more than s/he thought was ever possible!

I am an Educational Diagnostician with specialized training to work with the unique neurobiology of the individual who struggles with weak executive skills.

With a background in regular & special education, with a passion in neuroscience, plus specialized AD/HD coach training, I am one of those fast-brained people that can't get my hands on enough research. I love what I do, and do what I love- and thank God daily for such a gift! 

I'm all about the brain 

                 and how it works...  

Wildly creative, 
            highly talented, 
                       amazingly unique ... 

     YES, those are the

                           I am blessed to work with each day!