Subject Tutoring: Math, Reading, Writing, Phonics, End of Year Test Prep, Private School [SSAT & ISEE] & Specialty Test Prep [ASVAB, GRE]

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Our one on one, private tutoring provides academic support in all areas. Our methods are backed by research and achieve real results. Our specialists utilize materials already aligned to the exact practices being used in the classroom-using NC Standards. We encourage the use of thinking aloud, using tools, and solving problems in an individual way that works for the student. We make learning hands-on and provide manipulatives so learning integrates understanding with the abstract. We emphasize what students can do, rather than on what they cannot do, which leads to a very different approach regarding incorrect test answers. All our specialists are highly qualified teachers and session frequency is individualized to the student's needs, come for a while, or get single session help.

In addition to subject tutoring we provide one on one test prep for end of year, course or specialty testing. Private and Parochial schools often times require students to successfully pass an entrance exam in order to gain admission. At Success4School we see these exams as windows of opportunity for your child to show what they know and for you to see if the school is the right fit. Students need time for test prep and review of material- don't leave any exam to chance.


ONE TO ONE Test Prep sessions

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Our SAT/ACT test prep enables students to become better test strategists, as well as bringing an added benefit of improving overall reading, math and writing performance. This in turn does not only improve SAT or ACT scores, but develops the student further for when they write a personal statement for college, read a college textbook; even building greater foundations for college level math. Students with learning differences will feel supported and successful each time they meet with an SAT/ACT Coach with not only a background in understanding, identifying, and remediating the skills but ones that have the backgrounds to help lock that understanding in, so your student can feel confident while taking one of the most important tests taken!  Our individualized preparation for SAT's and ACT's are provided on a one to one basis. Sessions are one on one: one student- one coach! No groups! You can book sessions at practically anytime, 7 days a week!

Students will learn how to hone their test-taking skills using proven strategies and multiple, valid, modeled questions. According to their individual needs, students will build vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, expand logical reasoning and cognitive skills, and write a compelling essay in the classic format. In Mathematics, we will individually target the concepts and skills your student needs tweaking or reteaching that came from their Algebra I, II, Geometry I classes, or their standard based integrated Math I, II, III coursework. 

Set up an initial consultation & we will complete a diagnostic to understand where to pinpoint preparation OR Buy a package of sessions and spread them out or pay as you go- one session at a time. Still not sure? We will even use previous score reports to help diagnose and recommend session frequency needed before the big test date. Choose ‘Analyze my scores’ using our I’M READY form and our Director will reply with her recommendation regarding your student’s needs based on data from a previous test date’s detailed score report.


Orton-Gillingham-based corrective reading, handwriting correction, and kindergarten readiness

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Sometimes a student is not just struggling in reading or language arts-they are a struggling reader. Struggling readers, with or without a diagnosis of a reading disability or dyslexia need special corrective reading techniques. An Orton-Gillingham approach to correcting reading is the gold standard in the industry. Teaching the encoding and decoding of sounds and building phonological processing is key to changing a struggling reader to a thriving one. Multi-sensory, explicit, systematic corrective reading instruction is an alternative approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling-that really works. It takes an investment in time-but the results are real.

Like ALL of our programs, our corrective handwriting program is research-based! Our curriculum draws from years of research to provide developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies to correct letter formation, orientation, spacing, and posture. Let us know if you would like to add corrective handwriting to your tutoring goals, or that handwriting is the focus of your tutoring as a stand alone goal.

Kindergarten Readiness: Our one to one program helps little learners transition from exploratory pre-school programs to big school by building essential big school skills like sustained attention, proper pencil grasp, understanding and responding to direction words- plus the readiness academically in reading, writing, and mathematics.