Looking to join our team and teach our programs?

1. Submit your resume below. 
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3. If a fit, you will be contacted by email to come in for an interview. 

Bring  a copy of your SS card and driver's license with you to your in-person interview so paperwork can be semaless if offered a contract. We can't wait to meet you!

S0-What happens after the interview?  

After your interview, your references are checked. If we find you are a fit, you will be offered a probationary contract to work with us.  Then we schedule you for an Orientation. The Orientation involves some hands on information regarding our methodology, procedures, and materials.  

Once Orientation is completed, you will begin a 30 day initial period where you work to have your initial probationary contract be made permanent. We see this as a period to see if the center is a fit for you. All new instructional specialists complete this program which includes a observing a session for support. We hire fast if the personality works and you are a good fit. However, please view this probationary period as a way to ensure the relationship fits both parties. If we have to part ways, we understand and hope you will too. Our goal is to have happy, dedicated people who are committed to children here! 

You are required to provide your own background check from Integrascan and attend an orientation on your own time. We will arrange and process the background check for you and the cost of the background check will be charged against your first paycheck. The cost is ~$29.95. Compensation begins with your first client. We typically will contract clients with you for all available hours you have INDICATED YOU ARE AVAILABLE to work weekly, in about 4-5 weeks. 

Consulting ~ Academic Support ~ Coaching

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We conduct Criminal Record checks for your safety.

Like Puzzles?    Love Teaching?  Want to make a difference?  

 If you are dedicated to helping people and a lifelong learner, then we want you to apply! 

We develop and hire the best educational specialists. We take dedicated, talented, individuals with a passion for teaching and grow them into Strategists. 

  We believe that all our students are unique, and like a puzzle- we can employ several strategies to build them! ... that's how we do what we do.

Patience and Good Strategy! ​We are always on the lookout for warm, caring, people who understand the demands of families with struggling students.