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Step 4: If after the tour and meeting you are ready to move forward, the next step is to schedule a "shadow day" for your student. During the shadow day, we will evaluate the student using a diagnostic assessment, and allow them to experience the time with us. To set up the shadow day, complete the Student Application, pay the one time, student application fee (non-refundable) $125.00, and submit. This comprises of the shadow day and evaluation, of which you will receive feedback and an overall progress report the next day.  

Step 5: Upon receiving feedback, if the partners and the director feel your family's goals and your student is a good fit we will invite you to send your application to the admission eligibility committee. Once you have completed and submitted the admission application packet with an application fee of $75.00, the information will be reviewed by the committee.  The eligibility committee meets weekly and will make a decision within 5-7 days. You need the following with your packet:

  • copies of previous report cards for the past year
  • copies of any psycho-educational assessments that have been completed
  • signed release of information exchange form
  • completed Admissions Application Packet  

 Step 6:  The eligibility team meets. The staff member who held the family meeting will present the student to the team, the decision is made and letters of decision are sent. Success4School will issue letters via email. 

Step 7:  Families sign a Family Agreement within 7 days of receipt of the email with "Notice of Acceptance".

Step 8: The annual enrollment fee is paid.Tuition fees/installments begin according to your agreement.

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Admissions Process

Step 1: Explore our website and learn more about Success4School. 

Step 2: Set up a free phone consultation to learn more about our learning community, our programs and to understand our mission in order to see how we might fit your family.

Step 3: If after we chat, you feel this program and Success4School fits your family's needs- schedule a tour and family meeting. You can do this right on the phone or call 919.491.2904 to set it up.