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Teach writing from all angles!

Success4School teaches writing from every angle, from orienting children to forming letters to composing and brainstorming to teaching high school seniors how to write that perfect college essay...

                Each student has different needs.. meet them from the Write Angle

Students with writing issues need a systematic way to approach writing. 

Our writing improvement program goes beyond tutoring to work on writing from every angle.

Writing: a multi-faceted process of skills and strategies

Writing requires a million different skills all at once. We underestimate or are unaware of the mental demands that writing places on learners.

Just think about it for a minute... a teacher gives a student a writing assignment, and depending on the age f the student, a student has to think of...

  • ​what is being asked
  • how to start
  • ​how to form the letters
  • how to indent
  • ​how to space letters
  • ​how to orient to the paper
  • ​how to hold the pencil
  • ​how to format the writing (letter, story, etc)
  • how to write the introduction
  • how to transition ideas to the next
  • what next to write
  • look up and hold any content information
  • how to summarize

​the list goes on and on and on...

Writing is a process. In elementary school, we concentrate on reading, and often in the classroom we focus on the mechanical action of writing. In middle school, we teach grammar and often focus on the usage and grammar of  the English language. In high school, we focus on the literary analysis of readings and teach how to think critically and answer questions relating to theme, motif, author's purpose, symbolism, etc.

Who teaches how to write?  Not many classrooms cover this explicitly, giving students a process and system for approaching writing.

Students who do not learn through modeling, or those who often do not pick up on the subtle cues in a classroom, have gaps or struggle in writing.

​Sucess4School teaches writing as a process from brainstorming to composing to revising and editing. Sucess4School teaches the mechanics and usage of language. Success4School teaches how to think like a writer, and critically interact with text-whether it be literary or research, so students can write to summarize, take notes, explain, persuade, and narrate. We assess each student in writing, nail their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan to correct writing deficiencies and build whole writers!

Writing is developmental. Where is your student? 

What does he or she need help with on the writing continuum?  Where are the gaps?

FIND OUT. Set up an initial consultation to learn how we can help your student nail writing from every angle!