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Math is not just doing.​

​Math  is THINKING!

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Math is not just doing. It is thinking.

Mathematics is a cognitive process.

Often times, in classrooms across the globe, math is taught like a formula: a watch and copy process. But this leads to math struggles for two reasons: (a) not every brain processes information the same way, (b) copy and dodoes not lead to understanding.

Children & Adults with math difficulties are often those that have strong feelings about mathematics.

They feel it is complicated, hard and laborious. This comes from gaps in understanding the building blocks of mathematics. Even high school students able to handle complex mathematics, have gaps which make understanding connected concepts difficult.

Go beyond math tutoring!

Identify the specific gaps your student has and build a passion for learning the world's universal language. Success4School utilizes an approach to instruction which is cognitively guided. It is a philosophy which is anchored in modeling, use of hands-on learning that builds on a student's natural problem-solving strategies. Based on over 20 years of research, cognitively guided instruction, identifies specific strategies students use to help teachers understand how students think so that they can guide them toward mathematical understanding. ​ This is key to unlocking math challenges for the math struggler to the learning disabled. ​​

Program Highlights:

  • backed by research, real results
  • aligned to the exact math practices being used in the classroom, NC Standards
  • encourages the use of thinking aloud, using tools, and solving problems in an individual way that works for the student
  • integrates understanding with the abstract
  • provides a basis for identifying what is difficult and what is easy for students to comprehend in their study of math.
  • provides a way for dealing with the common errors students make while learning
  • emphasizes what students can do, rather than on what they cannot do, which leads to a very different approach regarding incorrect answers
  • builds future understanding based on present knowledge
  • aims to improve student's mathematical skills by increasing confidence in mathematics
  • session frequency is individualized to the student's needs, come for a while, or single session help
  • ​Math topics/ages: pre kindergarten through College mathematics