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Homework without Tears!

     Homework can bring out the worst in a child. 

Does your child need extra motivation? Is there a lack of focus to complete HW independently? Faced with pages and pages of tedious work, after spending the day in a classroom and the afternoon on the practice field can be too much for some kids to handle.
 The fact is, even if the work itself is not difficult, some kids simply have a low tolerance for frustration which can lead to homework meltdowns or avoidance behaviors. But it does not have to be this way...
 If you host homework drama every night during prime time, come to Success4School for homework support which meets your child's needs, and you'll have peace of mind knowing your child is getting more out of homework in less time --without the drama. 

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A service created in honor of the "No Drama Momma!" Homework time free from tears-both for parents and for students! Imagine homework in a small group ratio where each day, a brain based homework routine is reinforced and modeled. Homework is completed, and checked for proper grammar, mechanics, careless errors, as well as follow through and proper adherence to directions. Skills the child is confused about or lacks mastery in, is noted for parent or teacher follow up and our homework coaches provide re-teaching on concepts as needed to complete homework. The focus of HW support is to ensure a solid, process-driven approach to effective independent homework completion. Sessions are available Monday through Thursday.  

We can help your child learn to:

  Keep track of homework and school assignments
·         Plan and allow sufficient time for a project like a book report
·         Maintain an organized binder of school work
·         Complete homework in a reasonable amount of time
·         Learn to submit homework when due

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