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What differentiates Success4School from other learning centers or private specialists is that we are here for Family Empowerment: we have the experience and the results that prove that  ...                  

                                               it  is  about  SKILLS not  WILLS! 

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Our mission is to be a family resource empowering families to make real changes in their child's academic, organizational or executive skills. We do that by arming you with information and we offer varying levels of support to fit each family. Some families can run with our initial consultation and put strategies in place and can DO IT AT HOME. Other families need SUPPORT through services with our specialists in combination with some home strategies in place to accomplish goals. While other families, need a more PARTNER approach: a  hands-on, "walk with me" type of guidance to meeting their family challenges and goals. Either way, no matter what level of support and help you are looking for, you will benefit-as we work with each family personally. 

The process begins with scheduling your Initial Consultation.

It is comprised of two parts. 

The first part is the Discovery Appointment where we can learn more about your family and child, your concerns as well as your goals. Our specialists will work with you and your child to explore your goals, and understand your child's  learning and thinking style. Parents need to bring in a copy of the child's report card, teacher contact information, any psycho-educational evaluations that have been conducted, and all intake forms. Feel free to bring any discipline, academic, organizational or other concerns to the table- so we can provide support for the whole child and family in mind. We want to help you, regardless.  

The second part is the Strategy & Action Appointment. This is where RECOMMENDATIONS based on the Discovery Appointment are summarized and shared orally, and action items are detailed in moving forward. If a family is invited to participate in services, we will walk you through every step of the way. Once the opportunity to work with us is presented, the details of the services will follow our discussion of strategies you can employ at home right now. Our main goal from this consultation is for you to learn more about your child, as well as confirm or enlighten more deeply the basis of your concerns.  You will find, as most parents do, that this consultation is not just some skills assessment at a big name learning center- but it is a platform for change for every child and family. Take-away strategies will be discussed in the meeting, regardless if you move forward with services. Should either party decide not to move forward with services, the diagnostician is happy to complete a narrative summary of the recommendations for you at an additional fee, so you can implement other recommended strategies at home or seek related services in the area you may need. Those that become clients, will receive a SuccessPlan for their child so we are all on the same page.

Stop throwing darts at the problem and get the support you need- we can help you figure out a plan to make changes- get your school aged child doing homework independently- your teen actually really studying-and even more-checking on work and grades without you!  If you have a child with weak social skills, let us show you how to change behaviors fast! For just $195, you can get started! 

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