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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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Here are some commonly asked questions....

Is the center open year-round 
Yes! We are open year-round.  We are open the same hours all year long: with services 2:00pm-7:30pm Monday to Thursday (after/before hours by SPECIAL appointment), Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays by SPECIAL appointment only.  We are closed each year for one week at 4th of July time, sometimes at spring break, and always again at the end of December thru the new year. Other than that, we are typically open. An operating calendar is available in the waiting room and on our "current clients resources" page. 

Do we have to live local to obtain services?  
NO! While we typically provide services at our center here in the Triangle, we provide many services via phone or live web chat using web-based conferencing tools (like a Facetime/ Google video type of technology). We service clients here in the US and Internationally seven days a week! Sometimes we go on site to schools, depending upon enrollment per school. Please ask us. 

What are the qualifications of the Specialists? 
All our instructional specialists are trained in our method. Any specialist can work with any child to provide hands on curriculum-based instruction using our proven methods. We get real results. Our metrics average one year's growth in less than 45 sessions. 
​Our Instructional Specialists are all degreed staff, highly qualified to meet teaching licensing requirements in NC. Our consult coaches, support coaches, and lead coaches all have been trained in executive functioning and understand how to engage with preteen or teens to overcome academic, social and organizational challenges based on the methods of Guare and Dawson (Smart but Scattered authors) as well as other research in neuroscience - Our coaches all have backgrounds with teaching and working with children with weak executive functioning. Our senior lead coaches provide and direct all training. Senior lead coaches have coaching credentials. All lead coaches have received training from an accredited coaching program, such as the the AD/HD Coaching Academy or JST Coaching and are certified through a recognized association. Lead Coaches have over 5000 hours of coaching under their belt, and have exceeded industry standards for training hours for their credentials. Every support coach is degreed and SuccessTrained. Our reading specialists have training in Orton-Gillingham methodology, many have Wilson or Bradford certification as well. All specialists are trained to use both Angling and Wilson method programs, under the guidance and planning of the lead diagnostician assigned.

We just paid for a psycho-educational assessment, my kid has been tested to death- can we waive or forego the initial consultation and its fees or process?
If you have current psych-ed testing within the last 6 months your initial consultation is just that more informed! The amount of time it will take will also be reduced. Your student will still come in for an appointment, but it will be far less time. Both the Discovery & Strategy Action Appointments will still be held, but your goal of less "testing" will be accomplished. The discovery appointment is conducted front and center with a specialist, as well as using the computer, writing, and other hands-on activities. Our "testing" is an engaged method of working with a child so we can observe in action the child's learning style, their processing speed, and how they approach learning- it is far more than some skills assessment at a franchised learning center. We do not have set programs that kids fit into, we make programs for kids!

What about handwriting help?
We do offer corrective handwriting, and this can be a goal of any student program.

How long are sessions?
Sessions run typically 30 minutes to 45 minutes each, but may differ with each individual student: we don’t believe in warm ups or starter activities, which waste precious time and the precious attention span our students have. 

Do you provide parent advocacy for parents with children with special needs?

Do you attend IEP, 504, or other school meetings? 
Yes and we love it! We help parents understand their rights, the special education system, and how to manage their child's IEP or 504 plan. We make recommendations for classes, special programs, build IEP's- we'll even sit with you at your SST, 504, or IEP meetings to help you navigate all that makes special education confusing and scary. Call us today to schedule a free consultation. Let us show you how we can help.  

Can we work with Jill herself?  You sure can. You can buy one of her programs so you can DO IT AT HOME, or you can work with her team and receive coaching one to one from her, as you receive services and utilize that TEAM SUPPORT, or you can work with her directly for everything. She is intimately involved with every student's plan even if you do not work directly with her. 

You can email her directly at jill [at sign] and she can chat to help you figure out where you are with services and how she can help. 

What is the cost to get started?  The cost to get started is the cost of our flat fee, 2 appointment initial consultation, which is $195

We do offer specials at times, so please ask to take advantage of those. 

What is the cost of your programs? As our families will tell you, an investment in Success4School and working with our team will pay dividends on your child’s future, and you can feel confident it will work. The costs of YOUR child's program will vary depending on the needs of your student. We have a variety of payment options designed to fit all budgets. We absolutely never want logistics or finances to get in the way of helping a student. So, if what is recommended does not work- tell us what you can do, and we can pare down goals to meet your needs. The most important thing is to have an initial consultation so we can make a recommendation of what that program looks like and will encompass. We know your family is unique. Our center will work with you to find an affordable option that fits your needs. We offer plans for monthly options, installment plans, and pay in full plans. We truly believe that when families are empowered -real change happens. We know we can meet the needs of your family.

What is your learning environment like? Well, we are learning specialists- All students receive individualized instruction at their pace, processing speed, and delivered according to their learning style... all accentuated with positive reinforcement using guided practice with multi sensory methods. With remediation and instruction for academic goals, we implement a blended approach using technology and manipulatives to ensure learning locks in. With coaching, we use precise and direct language and honor the student in all we do. This empowers real behavioral change. 

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