We utilize a hands on experiential approach for children to build executive skills called
F.O.C.U.S. : Focused Organized Children Using Strategies,
and it is capable of achieving amazing results because teachers and parents an essential part of the child's work, so the child is very supported while they experiment with the development & building of these skills.

​The program builds strategies for focus, concentration, social cognition, sustaining attention , chunking, sequencing, following directions, and more. 

Completely experiential-multi-sensory, hands-on!
​The F.O.C.U.S. sessions can emphasize all executive skills or only those with which your child struggles.



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Using the power of neuroscience, Success4School's FOCUS coaching is an evidence based program that children ages six through ten LOVE.

Backed by research, FOCUS is a partner program arming child, teacher, and parent with strategies to strengthen focus, memory, attention, organization, emotional control, impulsivity and other executive functions.  

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The Pathway to Powerful & Lasting Change

Neuroscientists suggest that the brain is flexible in its ability to learn all the time and new research provides evidence of this when the brain is challenged or when new experiences occur.Rehearsing actions actually helps to forge new neural pathways in the brain, allowing it to develop competencies in areas that have been deficient prior. This is how new habits are learned. Coaching paves the pathway for this learning to occur.

F.O.C.U.S.™ Focused Organized Children  Using Strategies! We teach the art of learning- we guide students towards using "how-to-learn" strategies as an everyday practice, so they develop stronger organization skills, increased self-esteem, and school success and life success! Help your child do what they "intend" to do, complete tasks, manage time, and focus! Can they do it? Yes THEY CAN!  Medication changes brain chemistry, enabling a child to obtain focus and maintain attention longer- but it does not teach them what to do when they are able to attend and focus- we teach what medication cannot-focusing attention, making eye contact, managing perfectionism, organizing, finishing tasks, listening to directions, having expected behavior in the classroom and in social settings, managing a planner and schedule, removing the stress from homework time, establishing routines and schedules which work and make children accountable-cutting down nagging and family stressors. We work on the exact skills your child is in need of development, and only those executive functions- so kids build confidence and feel empowered! 

Is that for businesses? No. It’s another way of saying attention-centered coaching; the methodology also would be considered AD/HD coaching, as it takes into account the unique brain-style of the individual. Executive Functioning is what we are referring to when we say executive… we are referring to the specific neural network in the brain which governs planning, prioritizing, time management, task completion, task initiation, focus, attention, social skills, task completion, satisfaction control, communication, memory etc. We are referring to these skills in the context of individuals who struggle with these functions- such individuals who may have ADD, ADHD, Aspergers' disorder, executive dysfunction, cognitive dysfunction, and the like- but most importantly other people who DO NOT have these disorders,but need to understand and learn mindfulness- the ability to heighten one’s awareness to what it is they pay attention to, in order to achieve goals or change behaviors. How can a Coach help me? Our coaches specialize specifically in working with young people and adults who are struggling with executive functioning issues, or daily life issues involving this neural network in the brain. WE utilize specific strategies and processes to help create systems in your life to make changes in these brain pathways. If you are an ADD’er, our techniques will specifically help children, as we have training in neurobiology and have specific training to help those with ADD/ADHD. Those who have other coexisting conditions similar to ADD/ADHD will also benefit from this type of coaching, as it takes into account the unique neurobiology and brain wiring of these creative individuals.

​What is Coaching? F.O.C.U.S. Coaching is a dynamic method that aims to nurture the ability to self-initiate change in daily life. It is a supportive, practical, concrete process in which a child and her coach work together to identify and pursue goals and change behaviors. Coaching helps all individuals to develop the structures necessary to raise awareness to function more effectively and helps those with ADD/ADHD or those with like issues, to learn practical approaches to the challenges of daily life. We teach what medication cannot.

What about if the issues we are having are more Academic? If the child is in grades 1 thru 5, FOCUS program goals can be made to focus on academic applications of executive functioning. However, in middle school or high school- we provide Executive Skill Coaching.

How do we get started with any coaching? Complete the form above to get started. All parents begin any program, with the exception of a group class or Test Prep, by scheduling a two part appointment called the initial consultation. It consists of: Discovery/Intake appointment with your child and a Strategy and Action appointment with the parent. Both are a detailed time to understand needs and help identify areas to work on and how to lay out your coaching sessions. The cost is described

​If your child had ADHD or the like, you are not alone. There is an entire community of resources to help you, and if we are not able to do so, we will help you find one!