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Take the stress out of test day! 

Your child wants to do his or her best on the upcoming NC Ready End of Grade Test!  Success4School's strategy based EOG Test Prep prepares students to not only have the confidence to succeed, but the know-how to achieve scores everyone can be proud of!  

With a custom learning plan, practice tests, proven strategies for the NC curriculum and helpful tips from Success4School Specialists, your child will be ready to go on test day.

Test Prep is available in Reading, Math or both. Grade 5 Science prep also available.

Our End of Year Test Prep program features:

  • Full-length End of Grade and End of Course (NCFE as well)  practice test to pinpoint your child's specific needs and provide a custom learning plan focused on the skills and strategies your child needs for the state test

  • Helpful test-taking tips and tricks to help your child approach the test with confidence

  • Practice sets to ensure your child is confident on the day of the test

    Call us to chat, no initial consultation is necessary, test preparation sessions can be purchased singly or in a bundle for added savings.


Get prepared for TEST DAY!

This year it's going to be

Our son Matt was ready for the NC EOG. Our neighbor's kids were a mess and stressed, and that was us last year! This year we didn't care about scores.. cause he had the best test day ever- no worry, no stress! These EOG's were killing our family, now Matt is killing the EOG's! We are coming back next year, he was armed with strategies, and understood how to take the test- huge difference and so were the scores!

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