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As a parent, are you struggling with...

  • ​The decision to retain your child?

  • An IEP/504 & you need help understanding your rights?

  • Interventions being provided to your child at school?

  • Motivation issues or meltdowns at homework time?

  • College Applications or Teen Strife?

  • School Referrals or Homeschooling options & support?​​

Consulting is explicit education provided to a parent with the sole purpose of helping each make an informed decision about their child's education or related educational issue. We make referrals, school placements, represent parents at conferences, IEP and 504, and eligibility meetings for special education and the like, as well as help navigate the school system and its resources. We also offer expertise in executive functioning, psycho-educational testing referrals, and getting control with your homeschooling, from curriculum choices to how to get started- and more! 

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Do you have a child that...

  • Has a learning difficulty?  

  • Has behavioral issues? 

  • Has organizational problems?

  • Has Social issues?

  • Struggles with bedtime, morning routine?

  • Pushes buttons, tantrums, is disrespectful regardless of punishment?

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