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   We then analyze the errors and create individualized goals for the student, listing the specific test areas needing strengthening.  Turn around time from drop off or using email upload form below, to completion of goals is 2-3 business days. You may call us and provide your child's college board log in as well, if you prefer.


PAY, SIGN SOME PAPERWORK AND BOOK SESSION DATES! Once goals are written, we call you to review  and schedule dates. All the paperwork you need is SENT TO YOU VIA EMAIL: practice test link, student info form, etc. Most of which you can send with your child the first day he/she begins. 

That's it.. just three easy steps and your student is on the way to college test prep success!

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Our one on one sessions...

  • Individualized to each student

  • Meet seven days a week, we can fit almost any schedule! *

  • Cost Effective & Laser Focused: Spend the precious test prep time you have on what you need to focus on- instead of learning about the test through doing practice problems over and over and over again- with no real results!


  • Our students and families have found our methods of preparation to be so rewarding, they utilize this same coach approach for getting ready for college from the college essay to the application process!

Our SAT/ACT test prep enables students to become better test strategists, as well as bringing an added benefit of improving overall reading performance, as well as math and writing skills. This in turn does not only improve SAT or ACT scores, but develops the student further for when they write a personal statement for college, read a college textbook; even building greater foundations for college level math. 

Students with learning differences will feel supported and successful each time they meet with an SAT/ACT Coach with not only a background in understanding, identifying, and remediating the skills but ones that have the teaching backgrounds to help you lock that understanding in, so you can feel confident while taking one of the most important tests you will take!  Our individualized preparation for SAT's and ACT's are provided on a one to one basis. Sessions are one on one: one student- one coach! No groups! You can book sessions at practically anytime, 7 days a week!

Students will learn how to hone their test-taking skills using proven strategies and multiple, valid, modeled questions. According to their individual needs, students will build vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, expand logical reasoning and cognitive skills, and write a compelling essay in the classic format. In Mathematics, we will individually target the concepts and skills your student needs tweaking or reteaching that came from their Algebra I, II, Geometry I classes, or their standard based integrated Math I, II, III coursework. 

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"My daughter was a mess the first time she took the test; we came to understand why after sessions at S4S- she was skipping too many questions and misbubbling! We just can't believe that we paid for one of those big prep courses and they missed seeing these problems & more!  Now our pride shines when we see her-UNC Chapel Hill in the fall! Thank you S4S!

-Mary S.

Mother of Kirsten; UNC Chapel Hill, class of 2015

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