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Getting Ready for College...  High School Timeline--

                        We provide college coaching to support students on this journey!

9th Grade, summer prior
-decide on clubs, ensure you are willing to keep something all 4 years, choose others which you want to experiment with
-plan out classes, especially math in such a way that you ensure you are challenged, but demonstrate balance in your life
- do not give up extra-curricular activities or passions, make them shine

9th Grade Year
-navigate grades
-build teacher relationships
-ensure you demonstrate passions, interests, and trying new things
-engage in a community service activity
-keep this year as your lowest GPA, so your academic year shows an upward growth as you "learn about yourself"

10th grade, summer prior
-start SAT and ACT practice
-practice vocab
-engage in a community service in the summer or something that shows leadership

10th grade year
-start tracking your clubs, recognition, awards, after school clubs, leadership and contributions in a list so you can make your resume
-build teacher relationships- identify with one teacher especially- so you can go to them later for recommendation

11th grade, summer prior
-visit colleges- narrow down location of college and size of college
-identify a list of majors you feel drawn to
-create a college chart of the college, the weighted and unweighted GPA and minimum test scores, and write notes as you visit there for later. Do not be swooned by good looking dorms or the feel- TALK TO REAL PEOPLE!

11th Grade year
-continue hard core SAT/ACT practice now, sign up for a prep class or get one on one help. 
-focus on who you are, and build your resume using your list- where are there holes? 
-meet with English teacher- where in your essay writing do you have fall outs- identify these now
-clean up your math skills- especially if you have not taken a course in a  while due to block scheduling
-take ACT
-take SAT
-decide which test is best, retake as needed (last test October in senior year)

12th grade summer prior
-decide which teachers you want recommendations for college, email them, attach your resume and ask if they would be willing to write one in the fall. Give them the schools you are interested in and when you might need the letter by.
-August 1, go to the Common App and download the essays, choose 1 and write a draft
-write your personal statement
-make a college application timetable for all colleges you will apply
-understand which application site to use, CFNC website for college, or Common App from your list
-Super scores- creating yours- and identifying which schools are within your reach, on target, or out of range and why- have a parent discussion about this.

12th year
-teacher recommendations received?
-application timeline updated
-if your school uses Naviance, be sure to have updated as you go along
-meet with college counselor, or guidance
-complete personal statement final
-complete final essays for common app
-complete any additional college statements as requested by each college
-gather up info from Mom and Dad for questions on application sites
-apply, wait, then...  celebrate   

 Don't worry, there is a college for every student!

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