Cheetahs on the run: April 2019


"to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly."

Being adaptable means demonstrating an open mind, listening to alternative ideas and approaches to tasks, creating innovative ways to solve problems and adjusting behaviors and actions to meet task demands. In the academy, we strive to always push students to always have an adaptable outlook as most situations don't go as "planned". It sometimes is uncomfortable to adapt or stray from the original plan, especially for kiddos who need a structured schedule to rely on. We try to build some of these "adaptable" moments into the academy throughout the year to give the students the practice they require so when they get into the real world, it isn't as scary. Our community is full of students who are constantly thinking of new, cool and innovative ways to solve problems. This can be seen through social situations as well as their coursework. We encourage students to be open to others ideas, plans and solutions so we can work together and find success in all we do!

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Cheetahs on the run: February/March 2019


"firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something"

Cheetahs Trust. In that, they collaborate and communicate openly. Cheetahs participate in surveys and Trust the feedback they receive. Cheetahs are honest with themselves. Cheetahs use precise language and communicate how they feel. Cheetahs Trust so every cheetah tries to be a leader.

Trust is a part of our F.A.S.T model, which we work to uphold in Cheetah Country.

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Cheetahs on the run: January 2019


"the center of interest or activity."

In the academy, we have an acronym for F.A.S.T in reference to Cheetah Country. The "F" stands for Focus, meaning the cheetah is driven, tough-minded throughout challenges. In a more traditional sense, focus is more about being able to stay on task, not get distracted, etc. The typical profile of our students who attend the academy program includes executive functioning deficits, which includes difficulty with focus and attention. As a community, we bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table. Some find focusing a challenge, while others may not struggle with focus as a skill.

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Cheetahs on the run: November/December 2018


"strong-willed; vigorous; not easily swayed."

The best students —even when confronted with tasks they have never done before—are doers. They are persistent, and they have the temperament and desire to “see it through,” even when old assumptions prove to be wrong. Even when things go wrong, the persistence to keep digging in, to push ahead, and to use the resources at hand is demonstrated by GRIT. It means doing more with less. The most successful people are focused on how to make things happen rather than the reasons why things cannot happen. This can-do attitude is essential in our community. Tough-mindedness breeds confidence- students that have self-confidence allow themselves to move forward without being overly cautious or paralyzed by fear of failure. These traits of "tough-mindedness" are essential when dealing with any student who has been through hard times. Students who attend our learning community are being asked to do something different than they've ever been asked to do before.

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Cheetahs on the run: October 2018


"the use of the imagination or original ideas."

We strive to grow creative students. Our students are encouraged to develop a depth of knowledge in areas for which they have a passion, creatively sharing those passions with their peers as well as our community. We aim to facilitate the development of well-rounded thinkers, with the ability to shine in their unique-ness; telling their story through their talents, gifts and passions.

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Cheetahs on the run: September 2018


"the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment."

Welcome back,let's get ready to rock and roll...

This year we have added our final component of the five keys BA Academy is focused upon: critical thinking. We have also introduced a new part of the curriculum called Sim Squads that correlates with Seminar. The students are working on developing human being skills as well as friendship skills necessary to get hired in a job you love someday. Employers, now more than ever, are looking for

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