Virtual Sessions, like the real thing?

Actually-yes! Coaching all across the world is typically conducted through phone only- for our model we have adapted the use of a turn-key video-conferencing classroom, with an interactive white board, and a suite of teaching features for screen share and file sharing to adjust the typical coaching session for tweens, teens and college students. In this way, virtual coaching creates that "in person" connection no matter where you are. 

Getting Started...

You will need a notebook, pad, paper, or a set of sticky notes so you can jot down key things your coach reminds you of or little nuggets you find important. Next you need a pair of headphones that plug into your computer. While our virtual classrooms do work without headphones, there will be some static or noise if you choose not to use a headset. You need a headset which is a wired or bluetooth device all in one. You can also use a regular wired pair of headphones, and use your headphone jack, and then use the mic jack for a separate microphone. You may also use a dual headset system which plugs right into a usb port. This tends to be the best of all options. 

Finally, you need to ensure you know your session time and respect it. Please go into the virtual classroom when it is at your appointment time. Be as punctual as you can, and text your coach if you run late so you don't forfeit your session. 

Lastly, be yourself, be honest and partner with your coach so you achieve your goals! 


All Classrooms record all parties for safety and security. 

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