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  • Utilize Executive Functioning as the LENS by which we assess and identify strengths and weaknesses; to understand each person’s unique brain style. In everything, provide services which help create independent, creative, empowered individuals- continuously striving to meet their true potential.

  •  Provide hands-on, multisensory and brain-based academic support to ALL students across various disciplines using a vscientifically-proven techniques and instructional methods.  Integrate the teaching of strategies to build confidence, increase focus, & develop advocacy skills. Target instruction to student needs, ensuring all instruction is linked to the national standards and aligned to state and local benchmarks.

  •  Establish an environment for learning which is an open atmosphere where response inhibition can be developed, mimicking a true learning environment.

  • Create a Plan4Success for individual needs and learning style; detailing specific goals for the student's needs. Evaluate student progress at regular intervals, providing essential feedback to ensure parents and teachers, along with our specialists, are a unified front working for each student.

  • Serve as a community resource in all we do- ensuring families and other community professionals can make the necessary connections with the sole purpose of serving a child or individual. 

  • Utilize a whole child approach in providing an array of services to meet a variety of student & family needs.

  • Build programs focused on our passion for excellence & a genuine love of learning.

  • “Always learning in All WAYS”, Provide a collaborative environment, for our team of specialists & coaches, growing a mind-share community where everyone can support each other, learn & grow.

Our Vision


"My son began working with a tutor at Success4School late in his third grade year. He was having difficulties with his writing and his grades slipped because of it. Over the following two and a half years, we have seen great improvements in my son's studies. He's enjoyed working with each of his tutors and I can't express how important that's been. To have a nine, ten or eleven year old boy who is not fighting to go study, and to see success from those studies, has been great. The investment in tutoring has helped my son with his grades, study habits and confidence in school."

                                 -Dwayne Geidel reviewed 5 months ago

"We love Success4School. It is really a full-service enterprise, with academic coaching and individual tutoring as well. Jill is fantastic and very tuned into individual student needs. She knows what is going on at the different schools, which really helps when she is coaching students. We highly recommend it."

                                                        -Mom of Aspie teen

"We considered mainstream tutoring places but were discouraged by the claims for 'one on one' that really weren't. Thankfully a long-distance friend in education recommended Jill's place. Just what our daughter needed. Truly one-on-one AND at a better price! And having Jill attend teacher conferences with me, to bridge the gap between me (parent) and the teacher has been incredibly helpful. Really feels like we have a team working on my daughter's behalf. Daughter loves her tutor Ms. Lara, and with Ms. Lara I have always felt that the hour tutoring session are productive, and not wasted. My daughter relaxes at Success4School and really learns. Well worth the time and expense we have invested."

                                          -Happy Kid = Happy Mom of Apex!

"Success4school's tutoring had an amazing effect on our eight year-old daughter. It used to be a struggle to get her to put her name at the top of the page, much less write even a single sentence. Now things are completely different. The other day she was writing her journal for school. She wanted to write about a hiking trip she and I had taken on Saturday. She said she didn't know how to start, so I suggested a first sentence for her. She then sat down and filled up an entire page in less than half an hour without any further prompting. Similarly, she usually does her homework during her afterschool program but the other day we picked her up early so she hadn't had a chance to do it yet. We then forgot about it until after she was asleep, so we set it out for her to try to do the next morning. She finished it all in a matter of minutes. The transformation is incredible. It used to take 15 minutes to get her to do a single math problem or fill in a single blank in a sentence. Now she breezes through all of it without needing any urging from us. She was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago. Now she shows no sign of it. All I can say is: Thank You."                                                        -Dad of 4th grader

"The best! There is no other facility that offers the level of expertise or high caliber of comprehensive services offered by Jill Cassone and her team. We have used their coaching, tutoring, IEP consultation and school placement services for our 8 year old daughter and 16 year old son for 4 years. We had a very difficult situation with our son being diagnosed with ADHD at a late age. After seeing numerous professionals, Jill was the first to understand his learning and social needs and to recognize his strengths and learning style. Despite many bumps in the road, Jill never gave up on our kids or our family. Not only are our kids succeeding in school, they really enjoy school for the first time ever! Jill and her team are truly dedicated. There was never a call not returned or a request not addressed. Jill and her staff go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to understand and help each student. Jill is exceptionally qualified in terms of education and experience. She has been an essential advocate for both of our kids during IEP meetings. She also does not hesitate to make appropriate referrals to other professionals when needed. Every student is assessed and taught to meet their individual needs and learning styles. The teaching and learning that occurs at Success4School is based on solid, research-based techniques but a strong component of the help provided comes from the true passion that Jill and her staff have for what they do and their belief in each student and their potential. I wish we had found them sooner!
                                      -Michelle, Mother, Children age 16 & 9

        Success4School was founded by three educators hoping to make a difference in the lives of children in Wake County... now we make a difference all over the country... we are so blessed to have become a part of so many success stories.  
        We empower children ages PK thru College... and adults. We coach parents in all things parenting to all things school.  Success4School was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn, that success is built on skills and strategies.  

Over the past decade and a half, our staff have helped thousands of students improve their learning, growing always- in all ways!  We believe that all skills can be taught- even skills like attention can be taught along side skills like essay writing or addition facts. We help students to know themselves better as learners, to read, to write, to focus, to believe in themselves- to make changes they never thought were possible. As a result, these students have earned better test scores and grades, and have grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating those victories with our students. Success4School embraces all minds, and personalizes each service to meet the needs of the individual. We are privileged to work with children and adults from preschool age through adult learners, ages 3 to 99, empowering them to live, learn & grow! Success4School prides itself in its Coaching, Consulting, and Tutoring Services.

We specialize in empowering children with attention issues, learning challenges, or those with no identifications that need a multi-sensory approach to learning. Our services emphasize that success is for every student and that even attention can be learned. Strategies empower every person to be a success! 
Our programs are capable of incredible results. We have an exceptional success rate! We average approximately one year's academic growth in less than 36 hours of instruction; our SAT/ACT growth rates average 205 SAT points or 4.5 points on the ACT. We have turned hundreds of failing students into successful ones. Amazing!

Consulting ~ Academic Support ~ Coaching

As one parent put it:

"Success4School is something Jill is extremely proud of, and most would say S4S is Jill herself. She is one of those people that truly loves every child, even the one not easily loved- and you can tell that right when you walk in! She is this amazing optimist-- infecting you with what she "knows is truly possible" for a child- and everyone around her has obviously drank her kool-aide, cause they love kids too!  She just wants children to feel empowered and succeed- and the name says it all... Kids are a success at school when she's done with them!"
                                                - Success4School Parent, 7th grader

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 Jill,  Founder

Educational Diagnostician & AD/HD Coach is S4S's Founder & CEO.  Jill specializes in helping kids and adults with AD/HD, weak executive skills and the like.  One parent a while back nicknamed her, the "kid whisperer" and it has stuck ever since!  She has this knack with students who can't see  their true potential- and has this special way of empowering them. Jill earned her teaching credentials in Education from St Joseph's College and Dowling College, where she focused on Child Study, Cognitive and Psychological development, alternative teaching methods and special education. She has 20 years in education with 15 years experience in regular and special education across the classroom and experience in educational research. She is a credentialed AD/HD coach and has specific training in the unique brain style of people we often are characterized as "smart but scattered". She utilizes the latest in brain research to inform all teaching methods and has a passion in neuroscience, ensuring individuals with executive skills are sure to find these services empowering and informative. 

Providing private remediation to families of children with special needs, she worked as a learning specialist tailoring programs and instruction for students with learning differences and disabilities, specifically with students with attention deficits (ADHD/ADD)-all while working as a full time teacher in Wake County. She often worked with clients no one else would or for those who chose to hide their child's disabilities and issues in shame. She was able to empower those parents to see the child they have as lovable and capable. While working as a private specialist and while working full time, she then founded The Student Edvantage Inc, later renamed, Success4School, to meet the needs of a range of students, including those with learning disabilities, Asperger's and ADHD, as well as children with organizational, study skills, and time management challenges. 

Empower students and parents with a toolbox of strategies and they will succeed--so says Jill, Founder of Success4School, who in 1996 set out on a mission to provide students the hands-on tools, guidance, and study techniques they need to navigate the often self-directed expectations of academic progress. With its early beginnings as a special needs advocacy firm, Success4School has grown from offering learning specialists to private families to helping hundreds of students each year achieve success as they build skills, gain confidence, and grow in independence. Success4School offers support for families to help ALL children from educational consulting to one to one and small group tutoring, social skills groups, and while they offer services nationally, has been recognized as the Triangle's most preferred Academic Coaching firm. Their most renowned specialty services are for children with learning challenges, and those with AD/HD, Asperger's, and organizational and/or study skills issues.

Jill lives locally near the center,  with her husband Anthony, a Raleigh Firefighter, and horse-back ridin', always singing twelve year old daughter Gianna. They have 2 dogs; Foxy - a circlin' Sheltie with a sweet disposition, and their Chocolate fun-loving Lab, Gus; who is just happy when everyone is home. Jill teaches and speaks nationally, as well as services clients face to face in the Triangle, across the country and abroad via vid-chat or phone..  

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What We Believe

​If children cannot learn the way we teach- teach the way THEY learn!

"Learning differently" does not have to mean "learning difficulty".

All children are capable, creative, and whole- of infinite value.

Executive Skills are the brain based skills we all use to do everything- but they are skills-

 & all skills can be taught- even attention!

A child’s test score or grade has nothing to do with his/her intelligence.

Behavior is improved through understanding, strategies, consistency, and trust.

In order for one to love teaching -he/she must first love children.

All students can learn when provided the support and respect they deserve.

Parents know their child best, and should be empowered to be an advocate!

Parents and Teachers empower a child when they honor the child they have in front of them,

not the type of child they want. 

     What Parents say...